"They SURPRIZE The Judges With Their Harmonica Skills"
Brothers Gage - "America's Got Talent" - NBC 6/30/20
"It was certainly the most unexpected and fun performance on harmonicas we've ever seen. The judges loved the performance." - Newsweek

"Brothers Gage REACTION: to their AGT 1st Audition"
The Brothers Gage add reaction and behind-the-scenes commentary to their 2-man harmonica jam called "Trading Eights". Download Single on iTunes

"Brothers Gage - And I Love Her (Official Audio)"
The Brothers cover this classic Beatles song. Stream it from Spotify or Apple Music/ Download from iTunes or Amazon.

"Brothers Gage - Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me (Official Audio)"
The Brothers cover this Elvis Christmas song. Stream it from Spotify or Apple Music/ Download from iTunes or Amazon.

"Brothers Gage Perform "Party Rock Anthem" on AGT!"
For their 2nd round America's Got Talent performance on NBC 7/28/20, they played a cover of the LMFAO classic "Party Rock Anthem" which instantly became an online fan favorite.

"Brothers Gage REACT to their AGT "Party Rock Anthem" Video"
The Brothers add their reaction and behind-the-scenes commentary to this 2-man harmonica music video shot near Boulder Dam, Nevada on 6/15/20.

"Cotton Eye Joe" - Fast Harmonica Jam
This is one of the possible songs we might have played if we had made it to the AGT Finals. We never got to vocals, so this our instrumental version.

"Can't Help Falling in Love" (Singing and Harmonica)
Brothers Gage with a short cover rendition of this classic Elvis song.

"Trading Eights"
Harmonica Instrumental from "America's Got Talent"
which aired on NBC 6/30/20. (Official Audio)
Download Single on iTunes

"Fun Blues Harmonica Jam" (at 10, 12 years old)
This is a live take with no cuts or edits from August 2015
doing an upbeat blues and country harmonica jam.

"Mystery Train"
A cover version of the Elvis Presley song "Mystery Train" from Topanga Days 2019.

"Hey Bulldog"
This is a cover version of the Beatles song, "Hey Bulldog" from the Yellow Submarine movie, one of the best Beatles rock songs (live from Topanga Days 2019).

Live cover version of the Stevie Wonder classic, "Superstition" from Topanga Days 2019.

"Trading Eights" Live (harmonica instrumental)
They released this hip-hop/blues/country harmonica single, "Trading Eights" in December 2018.
Download Single on iTunes

"Star Spangled Banner" (USA National Anthem)
The Brothers Gage performing the USA National Anthem at a High School Pep Rally in September 2018 with harmonica and vocals.

"The Middle"
The Brothers Gage performing a 1-minute Instagram version of "The Middle".

Brothers Gage - 2018 Audition for America's Got Talent
The Brothers Gage performing a medley of "House of the Rising Sun" and "Jambalaya" for a spot in the next season of America's Got Talent.

"House of the Rising Sun" (2015)
Alex Gage (age 13) and Brody Gage (age 11) singing & playing "House of the Rising Sun". They opened for the band Jacksh*t when they played at McCabe's Guitar Shop in December 2015.

"Wabash Cannonball"
The Brothers Gage, singing, playing harmonicas, guitar, and bass, at a local Talent Show in October 2015.

"Wagon Wheel" - (First Live Performance 2013)
The Brothers Gages' first ever live performance at a local Talent Show on 10/19/13. Brody, 8 years old, is playing harmonica and Alex, 10 years old, is playing guitar and singing.